Kebab Settler
Job Access: Not defined
Difficulty: Easy
Supervisors: Mayor
Duties: Help out around Kebab, survive
Guides: Not defined

Welcome to Kebab! Edit

Well, you found yourself settling in at the Great Town of Kebab. Here you will find yourself going and returning as frequently as anyone else. Kebab is at the start of any round neutral with anyone though any faction at the time may decide your town's fate future.

But what can YOU do when you are not being captured by the legion? Well the answer there is endless because you aren't just restricted to the town of Kebab you are also allowed outside, though don't become a bootleg wastelander or raider try and actually find fun in Kebab and talk with everyone.

So what will everyone else be doing when I'm doing my stuff? Everyone in Kebab is usually doing their own thing like the Mayor who will be trying their best to ensure that none of the factions are killing you. Or that lovely Sheriff who's taken a liking to every girl in town. Just remember that you're a town and you wanna try your best to act that way and treat each other like that. When a problem occurs you should band together and solve it. But you probably spawned as settler for the kitty ears.

What can I do to help? Edit

If you really want to be useful, why not ask the Mayor for a job? Of course, you could take the initiative and go and work by your own accord. Maybe open a shop, run the bar, help the doctors in their exploits or sign up for the Kebab Militia (if possible). Whatever you do, though, don't wander out into the wastes to go and be a raider.

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On Bad Deathclaw, you're


NCR Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Medical Officer, Engineer, Heavy Trooper, Trooper, NCR Recruit, Scout Lieutenant, Scout Sergeant, Scout
Legion Centurion, Veteran Decanus, Prime Decanus, Recruit Decanus, Vexillarius, Libritor, Veteran Legionnaire, Prime Legionnaire, Legion Explorer, Legion Scout, Recruit Legionary, Camp Follower,Camp Slave
Den/Kebob Town Mayor, Sheriff, Deputy, Den Doctor, Prospector, Farmer, Settler
Brotherhood of Steel Paladin, Head Scribe, Scribe, Knight, Initiate Scribe, Initiate Knight
Vault Overseer, Chief of Security, Scientist, Doctor, Security Officer, Dweller
Wastes Raider, Pusher, Wastelander
Non-human AI, Cyborg, Positronic Brain, Drone, Personal AI, Super Mutant, Ghost
Antagonists Antagonist
Special NCR Colonel,Veteran Ranger, Legion Legatus, Brotherhood Elder, NCR El Presidente, Ian
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