Vault Edit

Job Role Difficulty
Overseer Rule the vault like a king. Create a gimmick that ruins everyone's life. Run away when the vault dwellers inevitably rise up to overthrow you. aHard
Chief of Security

Watch over your security officers and make sure they're doing their job right.

Make some retarded laws and have the Overseer approve them.

Show off your cool CoS hat.

Very Hard
Vault-Tec Security Make sure everyone's following the rules. Go flash some guy because he broke some glass. Brig someone for breathing on your cup of water. Hard
Vault-Tec Doctor Make toxins medicine for the dwellers. Smuggle some drugs if the Chief or Overseer make them illegal. Create some FEV for the plants. Medium
Vault-Tec Engineer

Fix and build things in the Vault. Go mining for uranium to keep those generators running. Be lazy because nothing's being broken.

Vault-Tec Scientist Research things and build them. Make cool mechs for mining or medical. Research cyborgs and make them do things for you. Piss off the Overseer who asked you not to research weaponry. Medium
Vault Dweller Walk around and be lazy. Get a job from the Overseer and don't do it. Go to the kitchen and cook. Be a botanist and grow plants.

Sex the Overseer.


NCR Edit

Job Role Difficulty
NCR Captain Point the Lt at the enemy. Act surprised when the Lt has no idea what he's doing. Get captured during strip club Tuesday and killed. aVery Hard
NCR Lieutenant

Point the recruits at the enemy and hope they listen. Act surprised when they don't. Manage base defense and ignore the Captain.

NCR Sergeant

Act as management for recruits and troopers. Drink self into coma after recruits all evaporate.

NCR Medical Officer

Revive the vet ranger as soon as you wake up. Make a bunch of meds that the recruits will steal immediately. Have crippling meth addiction.

NCR Engineer

Make a trench of fire worthy of daenerys. Fix all the holes Recruits make. Figure out how to keep power going before the Capt kills you.

NCR Heavy Trooper

Forget cardio is important. Lose your light shotgun. Eat all the food in the kitchen.

NCR Trooper

Watch the recruit die. Guard whatever gate the officers tell you to guard. Kill self with bonfire while trying to chase legion away.

NCR Recruit

Grab a battle buddy, grab ammo. Stand at a guard post. Listen to the town complain. Hunt Legion.


Ranger Corps Edit

Job Role Difficulty
NCR Veteran Ranger Pretend to control the Ranger unit. Get killed by a Raider immediately. Spend the round psychologically terrorizing the legion. Hard
NCR Patrol Ranger

Gather a grocery list of items from across the wasteland for your base. Get into gunfights with the sheriff over water and grazing rights.

NCR Recon Ranger

Recover NCR Radio sets. Miss legion raiding parties walking towards your base. Get distracted in the bar.


Caesar's Legion Edit

Job Role Difficulty
Legion Centurion Order people around. Fall in love with A follower. Kill people. Get nerfed. Very Hard
Legion Veteran Decanus

Bitch at the other decanus's. Probably die.

Legion Prime Decanus

Get bitched at to bitch at people. Probably Die.

Legion Recruit Decanus

Get bitched at double time. Bitch at A few people. Probably die.

Legion Vexillarius Follow the battlefield. Toot your horn. Assert dominance with your loud noises. Easy
Veteran Legionaire

Get bitched at. Murder Folks. Probably Die.

Prime Legionaire

Try to get in bed with A follower. Die before you can.

Legion Explorer

See more things. Fight. Get killed.

Legion Scout

Go see things. Do nothing. Get killed.

Recruit Legionaire

Molest the followers. Ignore the decanus. Die.

Camp Follower

Micromanage both farm and kitchen to fill the camp with all the necessary supplies. Assist the men where possible and avoid combat at all costs. Get executed by the NCR 4noresin. Get laid.


Brotherhood of Steel Edit

Job Role Difficulty
Paladin Act as the chapter's leader despite being a glorified security guard. Singlehandedly destroy the Brotherhood's enemies, or die to friendly fire first. ERP the Initiates. Very Hard
Head Scribe Delegate tasks to your scribes. Remind the Paladin that you're in charge of the bunker. Die because you don't get any stimpacks. Be ultimately ignored by everyone. Hard
Knight Babysit the Initiate Knights. Mine materials for that overpowered tech. Get ganked by some waster over your power armor. Hard
Scribe Hoard your tech points and RPED jealously. Ignore the Head Scribe. AFK the entire round to no noticeable effect. Leave the bunker disguised and immediately die to raiders. Hard
Initiate Knight Waste all the starting metal on mining drills before having an ORM and Lathe. Rush on ahead of your Knight, they're too slow. Kill an innocent waster for having a microwave oven. Die to A wastelander with A pipe and lose your radio. Medium
Initiate Scribe Do more than the fully fledged Scribes, receive none of the recognition. Become an honorary knight when they all inevitably die. Medium

Den Edit

Job Role Difficulty
Mayor Do your best to maintain a semblance of neutrality. Organize lynch mobs. Wear your insanity like a badge of office. Hard
Sheriff Constantly quote Spaghetti Westerns. Deputize a raider on accident. Drink yourself into a coma. Hard
Deputy Sit at the gate and press buttons. Become the new sheriff when the old one is inevitably shot. Medium
Den Doctor

Complete a world record number of sex changes on legionaries brought to your clinic. Be relentlessly sieged by unwashed addicts that want to steal your stimpacks and chem dispenser. "Knock knock".


Push your religion onto the masses. Bury the bodies of the fallen, after looting them. Pray for divine intervention, die to some guy that wanted your trophy rack.


When life gives you lemons, you make hand grenades. Grow everything but food. Watch the town starve.

Prospector Mine out the tunnels behind Kebab. Watch the legion uses them to take the town with no casualties. Move on to other prospects. Easy
Settler Steal all the bottle caps at spawn. Whore yourself out. Wander outside and return to town more heavily armed than the Sheriff. Easy

Miscellanious Edit

Job Role Difficulty

Wander in the wasteland. Get shot. Die. Respawn. Get laid. Get shot. Repeat.


Call Yourself 'Dick Tickler'. Kill people without escalation. Die.


Get high, Make money, Get girls.

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