Kebab Prospector
Job Access: Not defined
Difficulty: Easy
Supervisors: Mayor
Duties: Mine ore and scavenge materials for Kebab
Guides: Not defined

As the Prospector you'll be spending most of your time either mining or out in the wasteland scavenging goodies for your friends back in town.

Mining Away Edit

To the East of Kebab, past the motel, there is space for you to begin your mine. You'll want to be mining for metal, gold and silver for the defenses of Kebab. The room you spawn in will most likely have all the gear you need to begin, and only a short distance into the rock east there are some ruins for you to scavenge in.

Scavenging Edit

The Mayor and Sheriff will most likely want to keep Kebab's stockpiles amply filled. So it's your job to go out into that big and beautiful wasteland in search of supplies. Weapons, tools, materials and machines are all things you should be looking out for.

On Bad Deathclaw, you're


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Legion Centurion, Veteran Decanus, Prime Decanus, Recruit Decanus, Vexillarius, Libritor, Veteran Legionnaire, Prime Legionnaire, Legion Explorer, Legion Scout, Recruit Legionary, Camp Follower,Camp Slave
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