Brotherhood of Steel Paladin
Job Difficulty: Very Hard
Superiors: Elder
Duties: Be responsible for the BoS Bunker and all its personnel, attempt to control the experimental machinations of the wasteland.
Guides: Not defined

You are the Paladin, the highest ranking Knight of the Brotherhood of Steel detachment near Sunnydale.

Being the Paladin Edit

The Paladin begins play with T-51b power armor, night vision goggles, gas mask, chest rig, tri-beam laser rifle, N99 advanced 10mm pistol, combat knife, two spare microfusion cells, and two advanced 10mm handgun magazines.

Your job is to ensure the safety of Detachment's personnel and assets, with a secondary goal of seizing dangerous technology from old world ruins, and wasteland groups. This includes energy weaponry, mechs, power armor, unlawed cyborgs, and technology that can fabricate such things, or facilitate cloning/experimentation on human beings.

The Knight is subordinate to you, but you should not micromanage their Initiates unless they're absent or the situation calls for it.

You have the authority to execute anyone that poses a risk to the brotherhood. This includes outsiders that learn of the bunker's location, deserters of the Brotherhood, and NCR soldiers, with whom the Brotherhood is embroiled in a cold war.

You are equipped with one of the best weapons, and the best armor in the game. This makes you a very formidable combatant, but likewise a target. Take care that you're not isolated from your fellow knights as you're not invincible. EMP grenades, heavy caliber ballistics, and energy weapons can still take you down in short order.

Chain of Command Edit

You're second only to the Elder, but should bear in mind that the Head Scribe is responsible for all operations inside the Bunker itself. You should only take command if the Head Scribe is absent or poses a risk to the of safety of your brothers and sisters.

On Bad Deathclaw, you're


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Legion Centurion, Veteran Decanus, Prime Decanus, Recruit Decanus, Vexillarius, Libritor, Veteran Legionnaire, Prime Legionnaire, Legion Explorer, Legion Scout, Recruit Legionary, Camp Follower,Camp Slave
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Brotherhood of Steel Paladin, Head Scribe, Scribe, Knight, Initiate Scribe, Initiate Knight
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Wastes Raider, Pusher, Wastelander
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Special NCR Colonel,Veteran Ranger, Legion Legatus, Brotherhood Elder, NCR El Presidente, Ian
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