Brotherhood of Steel Initiate Knight
Job Access: The Brotherhood Bunker and everything within.
Difficulty: Not defined
Supervisors: Knights and The Paladin.
Duties: Mine for resources. Die. Scout for tech. Die. Defend the Bunker. Die. Repeat.
Guides: Not defined

The lowest ranking member of the Brotherhood. New, inexperienced, and more likely to die horribly and give any random wasters the keys to the Bunker than to do anything useful, your job as Initiate is to listen to what the Paladin or Knight tells you to do, or die trying. Which if you haven't learned already, is your most likely fate.

What do you mean I don't get Power Armor? Edit

As an Initiate you are one thing, and one thing only: Cannon Fodder. Incredibly valuable cannon fodder, sure, but your role is more about learning the ropes of how to be a good little tin-man then anything else. As an Initiate Knight, the first thing you should do is introduce yourself to your fellow Brothers and Sisters, before asking for any standing orders from the resident Knight or Paladin, and following them to the letter.

In-fact, the most important thing you can do is just following orders however you can. Follow orders, don't leave the Bunker when you don't have to or aren't ordered to, and maybe, just maybe, you won't get your fellows killed because of your own stupidity. Now wouldn't that be nice?

Scouring the Wastes for Tech Edit

And no, this doesn't mean offering to buy laser rifles over the radio. It means listening closely for intel about advanced technology over the radio... technology the wastrels shouldn't have... What you'll want to do while you're outside, whether this be mining, scouting, or gathering intel, is wear a disguise. The Bunker has plenty of clothes to choose from, and the building west of the bunker has a fine selection as well. You'll want to take your SWAT boots, BoS combat armour, NV goggles and tactical rig off when disguised, because somehow, someone will telepathically know that SWAT boots = Brotherhood. You might want to swap out your radio for a generic one from the construction lathe too.

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On Bad Deathclaw, you're


NCR Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Medical Officer, Engineer, Heavy Trooper, Trooper, NCR Recruit, Scout Lieutenant, Scout Sergeant, Scout
Legion Centurion, Veteran Decanus, Prime Decanus, Recruit Decanus, Vexillarius, Libritor, Veteran Legionnaire, Prime Legionnaire, Legion Explorer, Legion Scout, Recruit Legionary, Camp Follower,Camp Slave
Den/Kebob Town Mayor, Sheriff, Deputy, Den Doctor, Prospector, Farmer, Settler
Brotherhood of Steel Paladin, Head Scribe, Scribe, Knight, Initiate Scribe, Initiate Knight
Vault Overseer, Chief of Security, Scientist, Doctor, Security Officer, Dweller
Wastes Raider, Pusher, Wastelander
Non-human AI, Cyborg, Positronic Brain, Drone, Personal AI, Super Mutant, Ghost
Antagonists Antagonist
Special NCR Colonel,Veteran Ranger, Legion Legatus, Brotherhood Elder, NCR El Presidente, Ian
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