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The undisputed leader of the local Bortherhood chapter. Use your authority to solve issues and strengthen the Brotherhood's resolve.

Playing as an Elder Edit

The elder starts with a brotherhood Elder's robe, night vision goggles, chest rig, plasma rifle, 10mm pistol, combat knife, and 2 spare microfusion cells.

Despite the fancy gun, Elder is not really a combat role. They are their to either assume full leadership of the dettatchment and lead them to victory, or become the authority in dealing with squabbles that might plague the BoS. Either way, their word is the word of the Brotherhood of Steel and should be held to that standard.

This power does not come for free, however. An Elder will be expected to know the Codex down to the letter and should always uphold it in any way possible while always remaining unwaveringly loyal to the Brotherhood and their ideals.

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